Joshua Jackson Joshua Jackson

OK, how great is Fringe? Ever since the reset in last season's finale, the producers have been having a field day creating a new universe for the show about two universes. Olivia is sexier. Walter is crazier. Broyles is bad-assier. Lincoln Lee is savvier. Nina Sharp is (come on) sharper — and Liv's surrogate mom! 

But whether we're talking Red or Blueverse, one thing has been missing: Peter Bishop. As the paradox who helped bridge the two worlds — and thus vanished — Josh Jackson's con man-turned-civilian field agent has been the specter haunting both Olivia and Walter in their dreams. Until now.

This past Friday night, we got the real return of Peter, and while he knew everything about the people who have him in federal custody, they know nothing about him except that he's a stranger who has way too much info on Fringe Division, the shapeshifters and the two universes. And thank God he did! Without the knowledge he's been carrying around since before he evaporated, he wouldn't have been able to prove he's not just some psycho roaming around claiming to be Walter's dead kid, and our team might be royally screwed when the alt-verse begins what sure seems to be an invasion. At least that's what we're taking from the episode's final moments.

What about you? Is it about time Walternate caused some trouble on Fringe? And on a scale of one to awesome, how much are you loving this new "Who is Peter?" storyline?

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