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Dear Academy of Television Arts & Sciences voters,

Please go watch Friday night's Fringe and explain to us exactly how John Noble doesn't have an Emmy, much less a single nomination. Shame on you.

Undeniably the awesome emotional center of Fox's sci-fi series, Noble doubled our pleasure last week when he took his tripped-out, socially inappropriate Dr. Walter Bishop across the universe (hashtag alert!) to help the other Fringe Division figure out how folks on our side and their alt-doubles were dying at the same time. It was magical. From his heartbreak at seeing, first-hand, the damage he did to a world he broke years ago to his bemused reaction to their keeping domesticated badgers as pets to the avuncular kindness he afforded drunk, tormented Fauxlivia during their late-night kitchen pow-wow, Noble hit every sweet spot he's imbued the character with over the past four seasons. Seriously, is it any wonder she gave the ol' man a hug before he headed back home at the episode's end? It's impossible not to love the guy.

It's also impossible to imagine that there isn't someone inside Emmy central thinking that attention must be paid. Y'all are supposed to be about art and science, and it doesn't get more artful than this scientist! So nut up, voters, and do the Noble thing. After all, he's a huge part of why the show was just named Best Drama in TV Guide Magazine's Fan Favorites Awards. And we know you like to be in with the cool kids.

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