Jimmy Fallon with Yo Gabba Gabba Jimmy Fallon with Yo Gabba Gabba

Just when we didn't think Jimmy Fallon couldn't get cooler after killing it as Sunday's Emmy host, the Late Night cut-up went and one-upped himself for his 300th episode.

First, he braved a sit-down with notoriously chilly "Vogue" editrix Anna Wintour and be-kilted fashion designer Marc Jacobs — while wearing a Jacobs suit, no less — that could have fallen flatter than a runway model's chest. After all, these two aren't your average talk-show guests. But then again, this isn't your average talk show, and the mix of Fallon's charmingly awkward style, anything-goes attitude and unexpected fashion savvy led to lively back-and-forth, highlighted by Wintour's tale of Lady Gaga trying to communicate with God before performing at the Met Ball.

Then, because Fallon is made up of equal parts sublime, absurd and edgy, he followed these esoteric couture gurus with WWE behemoth-turned-actor John Cena (way funnier than you'd imagine), and ragingly hip kid-show musical oddities Yo Gabba Gabba. To amp up the free-for-all vibe we've come to celebrate around these parts, DJ Lance Rock and his YGG crew of costumed characters were joined by the Roots for a version of Kool & the Gang's "Spirit of the Boogie" that was both delightfully odd and undeniably infectious. Kind of like Jimmy has proven to be since he took over the Late Night desk. So here's to another 300... and then some!

How are you liking Late Night with Jimmy Fallon these days?

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