How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

OK, so the Saturday Night Live spoof of Oprah's Favorite Things will always be the champ, but How I Met Your Mother did a pretty winning riff on the salute to screaming excesses last night, too. In fact, one might say it was HYS-TER-I-CAAAAALLLLLLLL.

Inspired by Marshall and Lily's (almost) happy baby news and terrified that he wasn't doing anything important with his life, Barney decided to use his holiday bonus to gift the MacLaren's crowd with his favorite things. Bellowing a la O, he handed out velour tack suits, remote-controlled helicopters and condoms to the sort of fanfare usually reserved for a Harpo Studio full of volunteer workers being traumatized into incontinence by the annual bounty of freebies from the Queen.

And just like Oprah, our boy Barney even sent his audience on a trip. Sure, it was to a strip joint, but hey, at least they got to ride in limos. The bit was quick, clever and — while not as legendary as the SNL skit — still enough fun to make this one of our favorite things from last night.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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