Robert John Burke Robert John Burke

Spoiler alert! If you missed last night's Gossip Girl, that's a damn shame.

Well slap our face and call us shocked. Bart Bass is alive?

For the past few weeks, we thought the big surprise was going to be that Chuck's dad was the man he thought was his uncle, Jack. After finding out that Diana was his birth mom and seeing how enmeshed she was with Jack behind the scenes, it just screamed "twist!"

But then they went and dropped a real shocker on us by revealing in the final seconds of last night's episode that Lily's supposedly late husband was actually still very much among the living. And also in cahoots with Diana. So either she really isn't the mom and just blackmailing the Bass men, or she is and there's some messed-up Greek tragedy business shaping up on the Upper East Side. Either way, good on you, Gossip Girl, for still being able to keep us guessing. And shame on us for not calling this one...the guy died off-screen and we never saw his corpse. All those years of soap opera watching have failed us! 

Were you surprised by that scene? Or did you think Bart was secretly alive?

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