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Dear Gossip Girl powers-that-be,

You need to make Dan and Blair happen. It's been nothing but Bluck, or Chair or whatever folks call them for long enough, and if we can't have Dan and Nate (truly GG's best couple), we will happily take a Humphrey-Waldorf mashup.

Last night, the feuding twosome once again showed that they can play nice together by teaming up to bring down Juliet for framing Serena. It was juiciness. Not only did we get the return of Kevin Zegers' icky drug dealer Damian, we also got oodles of flashbacks that finally explained what S did while she was away at boarding school, and sparks galore from B and Lonelyboy as they pieced together Juliet's reasons for revenge (turns out, it was all Lily's fault her bro was in the clink).

Anyway, we just couldn't help but notice how fun Blair and Dan were, running around Connecticut, sniping at one another and being all sorts of odd-couple awesome. Between her needling him about being a Serena stalker, his rapid-fire retorts about her snobbery, and their mutually strange love of French documentaries, you could almost hear the fans screaming, "Oh for god's sake, book a room at the Empire and just do it already!"

And now we're asking you to do it. Please... Put Blair and Dan together. Let's just see how it goes. Best-case scenario, they explode, re-invigorate the show and drive Little J so nuts that she sets herself ablaze in front of Barney's, never to darken our screens again. Worst case, Chuck sets his sights on Serena and goes back to hating the Humphreys. And even that would be kind of cool. We need some new tensions around the Upper East Side.

What do you think? Team Dair for 2011? Maybe the comments below will help convince you.

Let us know, and happy holidays!

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