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Wow. We're not sure what's going on with TV's musicals this week, but they are on getting it right. Monday evening, Smash wrapped up its wobbly first season in the winning, adrenalized style we'd grown to miss since its pilot, and last night, Glee gave us two hours that flew by. And not because we were busy tossing out insults on Twitter.

No, the back-to-back episodes were actually clever, funny and filled with moments that felt like little gifts to the fans who have hung in there. The first hour's character-swaps were a scream, and it was so nice to see Tina get some meaty screen time (even if it was all about Rachel), as well as a nice solo. And who doesn't love a good Puck-Beiste duet? Especially one that ends with our Coach getting out of her abusive marriage. Now let's put down the knife and step away from the Cooter forever, folks.

As solid as the "Props" episode was, though, it was the second hour, "Nationals," that really reminded us how this show can live up to its title. Wrapped around the gang's final bid to win first place, there were all sorts of emotions bouncing off the walls. Joy at their really long performance. Pride at their long-awaited win. Relief that Emma was finally ready to get down. And lastly — don't judge! — a bit of tears as Will hugged his kids after winning Teacher of the Year. Let's just put it this way: The fun stuff was big enough to overshadow the uselessness of Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton's guest appearances. And the dude with the dreadlocks didn't bother us in the least! Yeah, it was that good.

Now we just have to get through next week's finale. Here's hoping that they can keep things this Glee-ful. The kids deserve to graduate with that honor.

Did you like last night's Glee?

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