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If babies bring joy, alt-babies bring oy, as we learned last Friday night on Fringe when Fauxlivia birthed the son she conceived while playing mata hari (and way more than footise) over in this world with Peter last winter. Blessed event? More like "god help us."

After being abducted and subjected to some crazy alt-world gizmo, the dark-haired Dunham's fetus grew faster than you could say "shades of the original V's Starchild." Next thing you know, we're getting nightmare-inducing shots of the kid practically karate-chopping his way out of her belly until —boom! —the speedy-delivery arrival of what is sure to be a bundle of trouble for Fauxlivia, baby-daddy Peter, his current bedmate Olivia, and, really, the entire world. Maybe even both of them.

After all, the boy is carrying around Peter's DNA, so Walternate could easily dose his own grandkid with the Cortexiphan that was extracted from Olivia during her captivity and send Junior over here to activate that doomsday device. And if the newborn ages as rapidly as he did in utero, this could all go down in a matter of weeks.

So while we wait to see what he's going to do, let's have some fun trying to figure out what he's going to be called. As Charlie and Lincoln mentioned in the final moments of the episode, Baby Dunham didn't have a name yet and there are several options out there. Maybe name him after his daddy? One of mommy's fallen colleagues? Perhaps simply Bieber?

Of course we're not saying, but we'll give you a hint, straight from the powers-that-be: Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman hinted to TV Guide Magazine that "when you hear it, you will say 'oh yeah, that makes sense.'"

Now...what do you think Fauxlivia is going to name her little man?

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