Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer, <i>White Collar</i> Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer, White Collar

Need a palette cleanse after the Moron Olympics of Monday's Bachelor Pad? That's why God gave us White Collar.

And even though last night's episode didn't feature the luminous guest-starring wattage of Hilarie Burton, it did deliver smarts and sophistication — not to mention the always glorious chemistry of Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer — to make up for her absence. Honestly, not much tops the bromantic antics of these two this summer, save maybe for the action over on USA's other kick-ass hour, Burn Notice.

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Wrapped around the hunt for a rogue Fed who may or may not have been set up by a U.S. Marshal, the ep gave us two treats: Peter on the run, and what may have been our first real peek inside of one of Mozzie's safehouses. Turns out, both rock — as did Moz for the brilliance of the line "mi casa es suit casa" as he welcomed Peter and his fellow fugitive colleague to his Buddhist-inspired hideaway. From there, things got patently WC twisty, resulting in a switcheroo that gave the usually up-and-up agent the chance to play Neal for once, a lesson in "the prisoner's dilemma" and — in a surprising last-minute surprise — some info on the ongoing Kate mystery.Where that's headed, who knows, but they're certainly gonna have to take care of business since there are only two episodes left. But more importantly, the powers-that-be need to remember that this is one of TV's most entertaining capers and maybe not take so long to come back after their September 7th summer finale.Are you loving

White Collar this season?

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