Bachelorette Bachelorette

Not to be sexist, but what a bunch of girls! My god, after three weeks of whining and wah-wah-ing about everything from Craig M's hair to who got a one-on-one, Ali's suitors have gone from a stable of studs to a gaggle of gossipy he-otches. Last night, the ladymen erased all signs of testosterone by ganging up on pro wrestler Justin for hobbling his broken-leg hotness all the way up to Ali's house. Without telling them! You could almost hear them clucking over coffee. "Oh my god, can you believe he did that?" "Who would do such a thing? Sneaking away for time alone with a girl they like?" "You guys, he's like totally getting fat, isn't he?" Ugh, it's bad enough that we have to listen to Kasey with his Shmoo voice and endure the ongoing annoyance that is the Tom Cruise-weasel-weatherman hybrid known as Jonathan, do we really need a bunch of nattering mean girls in muscles shirts and Drakkar Noir, too?

What do you think? Who's the best or the bunch? And the worst?  

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