Holly Durst, Michael Stagliano Holly Durst, Michael Stagliano

He should have kept the money. After all, he lost the girl.

Last night, the finale of Bachelor Pad pit exes-turned-teammates Michael and Holly against one another in one last challenge that asked them to individually decide to either share the 250K prize or claim it all for themselves. Normally (or as normal as this hormonal parade can get), we'd expect them to strategize beforehand and agree to go 50/50.

However, there was a bit of a twist that could have juiced up the finale in a major way. Right before besting super-likeable new couple Graham and Michelle during a vote by a jury of their Pad peers, Holly revealed to her still-smitten former fiancé that she was now engaged to ousted housemate Blake, the smarmy dentist from Ashley's season — and poor Mikey's sworn enemy. Yes, folks, that sound you heard last night was a heart not just being broken, but also being ground into the pavement by a strappy sandal. Still, because Michael was obviously raised right, he agreed to share the loot with the woman who wrecked him.

We really wouldn't have blamed Michael if he'd stuck it to Holly and snagged the whole pile of cash. After all, she kind of screwed him on national television and Blake is a dentist. Should this horrifically ill-advised marriage between people who have barely known each other the length of a summer TV season actually happen, money probably won't be an issue. Until the divorce lawyers are called in, that is.

So what do you think? Should Michael have kept all of the money and let Holly eat it? Or should Graham and Michelle have actually been the ones to share the win?

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