Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Ryan Seacrest Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, Ryan Seacrest

Well, kids, it's over. But before we officially stick a fork in Idol Season 10 and get busy forgetting who won (or who we thought should have won), let's look at some of the wisdom we picked up watching last night's 2-hour confetti-gasm. Turns out Oprah wasn't the only one who left us with some life lessons yesterday.

1) "All ballads" is a bad idea. So are high-waisted pantsuits. (Pia)

2) America wasn't ready to look at itself. Or to listen to the vocal equivalent of birthing pains. (Jacob)

3) Everyone is in it to win it. Even the losers. (Randy)

4) Even if you're a musical cyborg, at least act like you feel the song. (Thia)

5) Not every performance needs a scream. (James)

6) Even less need reggae beat. (Naima)

7) You're never too old to be a dirty old man. (Steven)

8) Blind auditions beat tone-deaf auditions. (The Voice)

9) Saves are stupid. (Casey)

10) MySpace auditions are stupider. (Karen)

11) Paula who? (Jennifer)

12) If they call you a diva, you better sound like a diva. (Ashthon)

13) Quirky is so last year. (Paul)

14) Cheesy is so season three. (Stefano)

15) Trashy clothes and a mediocre voice can carry you far. (Haley)

16) Horrifying pageant dresses and a great voice can carry you further. (Lauren)

17) Lockin' them doors, lowerin' your voice and loving something "this big" can carry you all the way. (Scotty)

Now you! What was your favorite lesson from this season?

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