Question: So I was watching the red carpet show on E! and I saw you in the background! I was so excited! Does TV Guide know that you made an appearance on a competing pre-show?

Answer: Well, they do now, Elana. Thanks a bunch! But in my defense, had I not been in such close proximity to our crosstown rival, I would have missed  drum roll, please Star Jones' first public meltdown of the day! As the purple people eater was making her way down the red carpet to assume her post on the E! platform, the train on her velvety gown became tangled, prompting one of her handlers to bend down and straighten things out. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Star stopped dead in her tracks and that's when the gates of hell officially opened for business. She turned her head, glanced down at said handler and hissed venomously, "Let it go, please." And then the most shocking thing happened: The unfortunate grunt continued to pull up the rear, prompting Star to once again growl, "Let. It. Go." With that, the train was released and Darth Vader Reynolds continued her imperial march. If I've said it once, I've said it 16 times: Hooray for Hollywood!