I watched an episode of Joey, my first since the pilot, and I have to say it wasn't that terrible. Just seeing Drea de Matteo tap dancing actually made it worth watching. Must be my lowered summer standards for comedy. So will I actually watch in the fall? Most likely not, but I can think of worse ways to spend a half hour next week... Will & Grace got a ton of Emmy nods, so I figured I'd tune in and see if it was just the couple of episodes I saw that weren't so funny. And of course it was one I'd already seen and I could only make it through about 5 minutes before I had to change the channel... So I flipped over to the Single in the City knock off Hooking Up which made me infinitely grateful that I am not single in New York City. With some of these girls, it is easy to see how they might put guys off. Others seem perfectly normal, but they've got such trouble finding guys worthy of a second date. I'd think that these were just extreme examples if I didn't hear all my girlfriends complaining about many of these very same issues. Knowing it is true doesn't make it any less painful or awkward to see someone get so excited about a date and then hear the opposite sex's harsh reaction. In fact, it is really not fun to watch at all, so I was glad to suffer through only a few minutes... Being on ABC got me sucked into a Primetime Live about this faith healer who channels old doctors to help heal the sick through invisible surgery. Fascinating, I don't know if I believe in that any more than in finding Mr. Right during speed dating, but it was hard to take my eyes off. That is until one of his more visible surgeries involved scraping someone's eyeball with a steak knife. Then I didn't have much of a problem hitting the off button on my TV.