Danai Gurira, The Walking Dead, Michonne Danai Gurira, The Walking Dead, Michonne

[WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers from Sunday's The Walking Dead and the graphic novels which inspired it. Read at your own risk.]

It's the moment many Walking Dead fans have been waiting for.

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In the AMC drama's Season 2 finale, Michonne, a fan-favorite character from the comic books that inspired the show, finally made her debut. She came to aid of Andrea (Laurie Holden), who, after getting separated from her group, seemed to be sitting duck for a hungry walker. But Michonne, using her trademark sword, swiftly dispatched the zombie and saved Andrea. So who was under the hood?

During Sunday's Talking Dead, executive producers Robert Kirkman and Glen Mazzara announced that Danai Gurira will play Michonne in Season 3. "We will be dealing with her personality and her back story and all that kind of stuff in Season 3, but this isn't going to be a watered-down Michonne," Kirkman tells TVGuide.com. "This is definitely going to be the character that people have been clamoring to see in the show and we are very excited to deliver that character."

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In the comics, Michonne came across the group while at the prison, a location that was also featured in the closing moments of the Season 2 finale. In the comics, Michonne was also involved in the Governor's story line. (David Morrissey will play the Governor in Season 3.)

Gurira recently co-starred on HBO's Treme as the girlfriend of Delmond (Rob Brown). Her other credits include The Visitor, Lie to Me and Law & Order.  

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