Wait a minute what show was I watching? Was it Lost? I mean, really. First, we've got the paranoid assertion that "there's something evil in those woods." Throw in the camper who gets yanked right out of his tent and the guide who's whisked into the sky. And the source of this evil is a predator, a "fuzzy predator friend" who has sabotaged the Hardy Boys' camp and communications equipment, thereby rendering them powerless and at the mercy of the beast. I suppose once you delve into the world of dark television shows, the similarities are unavoidable. Even The X-Files had the same "creature in the woods" theme. Several times. So when Supernatural's missing persons reappear, half-alive and hanging from the ceiling with their hands bound, we have surely seen it before. But still, all good sci-fi stories can be told again.

Now back to the woods. How did Dean manage to leave the Peanut M&M trail, given that he was unconscious when he was found? You would think he'd be out cold immediately following his mauling, not after he leaves the breadcrumbs. And when do the brothers compile all this research? I know the book of evil monsters comes from Dad, but I am confused as to the origin of all the news clips they manage to bust out. Their father couldn't have had all that stuff. If so, why not just give them the answer key? I must have missed that step. And is it me, or does Sam look perpetually mopey? He has allegedly developed a sense of vengeance since the "murder" of his girlfriend, but I'm not buying it. He's just grief-stricken which is OK. But since her death, he's finally on board with his brother, despite the contrived tension between them. Now that he's willing to play, it's all good.