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The Voice will introduce its latest game-changing — literally — twist on Tuesday's results show and fans have none other than the NFL to thank for the show's latest format shake-up.

"We take a lot of what we do also from sports and the NFL does such a great job," host and executive producer Carson Daly told reporters Monday after the semifinals performance show. "It's fun to watch a wild card team get a chance and then come back."

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On Tuesday's results show (8/7c, NBC), viewers will send three of the five remaining singers to next week's finale. But in a first for the Emmy-winning singing competition show, instead of going home, the remaining two will join a group of seven previously eliminated contestants who will then each get one last chance to sing to save themselves. Fans will vote on these last-chance performances, and one singer will earn the wildcard spot to compete in the finale.

"Honestly, we've tweaked the format of the show since it started for one reason, including the steals during the battle rounds, because the influx of talent came through so much," Daly said. "The talent was so great and it was walking out the door so we needed to figure out a way to keep people around and this is an extension of that. It's part of the idea of a second chance."

When asked to guess who might snatch that wild card slot, Daly said it was anybody's game. "I thought our top 12 was outstanding. They're very diverse, different types," he said. "The right song at the right time is everything and who really wants it."

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But has there been too much praise for the show's remaining five contestants? "We don't like to go on air saying, 'That's amazing, that's amazing.' As producers we talk about it. we need to be honest. We need to be constructive," he said. "I love Christina Aguilera for that. She's somebody on our panel that I think is great and will say, 'I love you. You're talented. That was not the song for you.' And I miss a little bit of that constructive criticism but with this top 5, that is hard to find."

No matter who makes it to the finals, or how they get there, this will be the first four-way competition since The Voice's first two seasons, in which every coach had one contestant up for the top prize. "I like it. I almost wish it was more to some degree," Daly said of the number of artists competiting in the finale. "For two hours of TV, I feel like the audience sort of makes up their own mind and checks out a little bit, but I think four is good. We'll see."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC. Who do you want to see make it to the finals?

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