NFL quarterback Vince Young, <EM>Framed</EM> NFL quarterback Vince Young, Framed

Over the last few weeks, the Independent Film Channel and Reebok have teamed up to present a nexus of actors and athletes called Framed. In each episode, a Hollywood personality goes behind the camera to direct a short film starring a larger-than-life figure from the world of sports. In tonight's episode (10:30 pm/ET), actress Regina King frames NFL quarterback Vince Young. spoke with the heralded Tennessee Titans signal caller about his acting debut and letting cameras catch his off-the-field life in his hometown of Houston. What about the Framed series interested you?
Vince Young: Basically, everybody knows the athlete Vince Young, but I want more people to understand me as a person. Reebok understands who I am and they also want fans to get to know the players a little bit more. But to also have Regina King come down and frame me — to do some acting and have her meet my family — it was a great experience. Why were you and Regina good partners to collaborate on a short film?
Young: Well, Regina and I act just alike. She loves football and we joke around. We met a while back at an event and ever since then we've been keeping close with each other, talking on a daily basis. When Reebok came to me [about doing] a Framed show, they asked me who I'd like to work with. My first choice was Regina. You take Regina all around Houston, from Frenchy's Fried Chicken to the house you grew up in.
Young: Definitely. Everybody has a testimony in their life about growing up, and it's a good thing to get it out to people in the world. Being able to do that with her and to have a good time doing it was pretty cool. What are some of your favorite movies that Regina's starred in?
Young: Definitely Ray. The movie that just came out, This Christmas, was pretty funny. There's a couple I like from back in the day, as well. So what sort of objectives did you two have when you began?
Young: Well, she wanted to see where I'm coming from and include my mother and grandmother. She also wanted to show that she could be a producer and make her own movie. It seemed like you got a bit restless during shooting. Did you have any idea it was going to be that tedious?
Young: Well, it was my bye weekend, so I was a little beat and a little tired, but at the same time I had fun. Whenever I get to involve my family, I always have a good time with that. It seemed like your mom and grandmother had fun.
Young: They had a great time. They love Regina and still talk about it to this day. What was the most difficult part of the process?
Young: Doing everything on the run. Sometimes we had to change things in the script and there are always new things coming up. Then there was me dealing with time. I get it in my head that I'm going to do this at this certain time, but when it goes over, Regina tried to teach me to be patient. You got to be always ready for the unexpected. Have you seen Baron Davis', Allen Iverson's or any other athlete's episode of Framed?
Young: I've seen a couple of clips, but I haven't sat down and watched the whole shows yet. You think yours is the best, right?
Young: [Laughs] No, no. The stuff I saw with Baron was real funny. It's just a good thing for you to see people like Baron off the court and see how he is as a person. You won the National Championship at Texas before winning Rookie of the Year honors last year. Despite some rough spots this season, you've still got the Titans in the hunt for a wild-card spot. How have you dealt with the first real adversity of your career and kept yourself focused?
Young: Well, I just continue to lean on my teammates, my coaches, my family and my girlfriend. There are a lot of people I have around me when outsiders say this or that. I don't have to worry about it, because I have my loved ones and my true fans. I just need to keep working and keep getting better. They know there are going to be some playoffs and some Super Bowls up ahead for the Tennessee Titans. The Patriots seem pretty much unstoppable right now. If you're able to get the Titans into the playoffs, do you think you guys have what it takes to beat them?
Young: We'd have to see. It would be a good game, I know that. There's always a vision. Speaking of visions, do you see yourself doing movies and TV in the future?
Young: Right now, I'm just focused on football. But maybe down the line. Regina and I had a really good time.

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