Game of Thrones Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones isn't all blood and gore! This week, HBO released a blooper reel from the show, featuring characters like Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) enjoying some lighter moments on set. In other news, Sarah Palin debuted her new online news channel, and DMX almost had a heart attack on a roller coaster. Plus, Snoop Dogg narrated a nature video and Funny or Die imagined what Hardball would be like if it aired in Canada. Check out those clips and more in our weekly roundup of the best online videos:

Our favorite TV crime-solving duos

Game of Thrones blooper reel: We can't blame the Game of Thrones cast for squeezing in laughs wherever they can on the set of the HBO drama. And apparently, according to this blooper reel, they aren't in short supply — especially when the actors can't remember their lines to save their lives.

Old Spice "Like a Real Man" campaign: Old Spice's latest ad campaign features a bionic man (of sorts). We're still on the fence as to whether the ads are creepy or hilarious — or somewhere between the two.

DMX on a roller coaster: Don't get us wrong — an amusement park ride called the "Sling Shot" sounds unappealing at best and freakin' terrifying at worst. But watching rapper DMX flip out as he rides the attraction at a theme park in Florida is nothing short of hysterical.

Snoop Dogg's nature show: Introducing "Plizzanet Earth," a nature program narrated by Snoop Dogg (OK, it's technically what a nature program narrated by Snoop Dogg would look like, according to Jimmy Kimmel).

Sarah Palin's online channel: Though the Palin family's reality show flopped, Sarah Palin is not going gently into that good night. The former vice presidential candidate has launched her own online news network. Check out her introductory video below:

Hardball Canada: Check out Funny or Die's Hardball Canada, featuring guest appearances from Tegan and Sara, Ann Coulter, and William Shatner.

Tom Haverford business ideas supercut: On Parks and Recreation, Tom Haverford's (Aziz Ansari) brain functions like one neverending brainstorming session. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a supercut of his most ridiculous business ideas: