In this last part of our four-part video series with Joss Whedon, the creator of Fox's Dollhouse (Fridays at 9 pm/ET) fields more reader questions — including one that asks whether the "father of such strong female characters as Buffy fancies himself a feminist." Joss' short answer is yes, though he suspects "a lot of the people who watch Dollhouse will be challenged by that."

Also in this video Q&A:

• Does Whedon have an "ultimate project" he'd like to tackle one day? (I suspect his answer will send minds reeling.) • Why doesn't Joss shop his shows to Sci Fi Channel versus the networks? • Who does Joss Whedon gush over the same way that people gush over Joss Whedon? • Might Joss work with Sarah Michelle Gellar again? (Also: the final word on her "Horrible" cameo.) • Which

Buffy episode does Joss admit was actually made better by network input?

Who does Joss Whedon gush over? Plus: More fan questions answered!

Joss Whedon answers more of you questions about his ultimate project and what makes him happy.|Joss Whedon|Dollhouse|Buffy The Vampire Slayer|Angel|Firefly|Serenity|Matt Mitovich|