Glee Glee

"Graduations over, but there's so much more in store." That's the message of a brand-new Glee promo.

It's only been two weeks since the finale, but Fox is already busy promoting the fourth season of the musical hit. Using footage from the end of Season 3, the promo reminds viewers how uncertain the fates of many of their favorite characters remain. Who stays and who goes? Will Emma and Will ever agree on a place to hold their wedding? Most importantly, will Sue's graphic birth photos actually grace the cover of People magazine in September?

Three More Glee Cast Members Join The Glee Project As Mentors

While we'll have to wait until next season to learn if Finn follows Rachel to New York, there is one confirmed move ahead in Glee's future. Starting next fall, the show will change from its regular Tuesday timeslot to Thursdays at 9/8c.Check out the full promo below.