A surprising reveal at the end of the next episode of House (airing Monday, Jan. 19, at 8 pm/ET) puts Foreman in a most difficult position — one that could cast a dark shadow on his budding romance with Thirteen. If Foreman makes the wrong call, could it tank this twosome before they ever really took off? 

Speaking with TVGuide.com at the Golden Globes, Olivia Wilde weighs in on the conflicts - both existing and imminent - that the would-be lovers must contend with. That some fans have become vested in the fate of this possible romance, she says, is great. Plus, she notes, "Omar Epps is smokin' hot, so I'm a lucky girl!"

Wilde also discusses how Thirteen has become a polarizing character, especially during this season. Listen to all she has to say in the video below. 

Also: See what Omar Epps himself has to say about the Thirteen-Foreman connection.