When Sonny Munroe lands in Los Angeles, her simple life will never be the same. That's the set-up for Sonny with a Chance, a new Disney Channel comedy starring 16-year-old Demi Lovato and making its debut this Sunday at 8 pm/ET.

Summing up the series as "30 Rock, Disney-fied," Lovato tells us, "I play this girl who gets to come to Hollywood and appear on her favorite sketch comedy show" — the fictional and teen-targeted So Random! 

Sonny and her new castmates engage in a rivalry with the cast of Mackenzie Falls, an angsty teen drama that shoots across the lot. The catch is, Mackenzie's leading (young) man, Chad Dylan Cooper — played by the real yet just-as-improbably-named Sterling Knight — is as cute as he is cocky. "They definitely butt heads," says Lovato, "but I think they also really like each other."

In this video, Demi also talks about BFF/fellow teen queen Selena Gomez, updates us on Camp Rock 2 (at the 2:40 mark), and details the deluxe edition of her music album (3:15). She also shares what it was like to sing at the Inauguration Eve kids' concert. "It was moving," she says, "and made me feel happy that I was able to give back" to families whose loved ones serve in the military overseas.

More Demi goodness: In Part 2 of our Q&A (coming soon), Lovato talks about those crazy Jonas rumors, her current celebrity crush, and more.

Demi Lovato updates us on her new show, Camp Rock 2, and more!

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