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Thirty years after they were introduced to American pop culture on a series of greeting cards, the lovable Care Bears are returning to television in a new animated series called Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

The series premieres on June 2 at 8/7c on children's network The Hub, and while all of the original bears are set to return — Tenderheart Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear — a new bear, Wonderheart, will be an addition, EW reports.

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"The newest resident of Care-a-Lot, Wonderheart Bear, is silly, sweet and full of joy and is by far the youngest Care Bear. Always wanting to be part of the big bears' adventures, she is a playfully curious bear who is never short on questions — about everything!  Her belly badge is clearly a little heart, but she won't know what its full power is until she's a little older," executive producer Sarah Finn tells EW.

 "It's been 30 years since the Care Bears first hit the scene, and they are more popular than ever!" she says.

Check out a clip of the new series here.

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