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Remember when Anderson Cooper suffered from an uncontrollable giggling fit on Anderson Cooper 360 last August? Well, it happened again.

This time, cause of laughter was the little-known Polish American holiday, Dyngus Day, which is celebrated after Lent. During Cooper's "RidicuList" segment, he mentioned a common Dyngus Day tradition that involves boys sprinkling girls with water, and girls retaliating by striking the boys with a "pussy willow" branch. You can guess which of the two triggered Cooper's laughing fit.

Check out the segment in the clip below at the 1:30 mark.

After the segment aired, Polish organizations spoke out about being offended by Cooper's comment, Deadline reports. During his laughing spell, Cooper said, "This is so stupid."

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Cooper has since apologized, noting that he wasn't diminishing the holiday, but was rather making fun of himself. "

I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations 'stupid' or in any way criticized this holiday. I did not," he said. "While in the midst of a silly giggle fit I said 'this is so stupid' in reference to my inability to stop laughing... I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone by the lighthearted tone of the RidicuList."Were you offended by Cooper's laughter?