Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, <EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Kristen Bell and Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars

With the much-anticipated season finale of UPN's Veronica Mars  upon us (tonight at 9 pm/ET), many fans are still trying to recover from the shocking not-guilty verdict delivered at Aaron Echolls' trial in last week's episode. Meanwhile other readers are already looking ahead to a potential third season. In his latest exclusive Q&A, Mars creator Rob Thomas provides plenty of insight about recent happenings and answers readers' burning questions about Veronica's future.

Question: First, I trust you. Second, please tell me the whole STD thing will make sense after seeing the finale. I'm torn between whether Duncan slept with Kendall or Aaron paid the doctor.... Do tell! Holli
Rob Thomas:
All will be answered in the finale.

Question: A lot of people are commenting on how Aaron Echolls' attorney obtained Veronica's medical records to reveal in court that she was treated for an STD. Were her medical records obtained illegally?  Jamie
Probably. I'm not sure how they were obtained. I'm not even particularly interested in how they were obtained. At the end of the day, Aaron Echolls got off  like O.J., like Michael Jackson, like Robert Blake  because he's famous. Finding 12 jurors who would convict this famous man was simply not going to happen. It's a noir world. Unfair things happen.

Question: Wasn't Kendall the last to use Duncan's shower? Yet she pulled "evidence" pointing to Duncan and not herself from the drain....  Dan
She could tell the hairs apart. Duncan's are shorter.

Question: Is there any significance to the ring Veronica has recently been wearing on her right ring finger?  Sherry

Question: After Keith and Veronica's fallout in the "Donut Run" episode, I expected there would be a little more tension between our favorite daddy-daughter team. In "Happy Go Lucky," we saw that tension resurface for an instant, when it was clear Veronica is still hiding things from Keith. In your mind, where do they stand? Did Keith really forgive Veronica for her con so quickly? Or was it repressed and the aftermath is still pending?  Courtney
In truth, I think we underplayed the Keith-Veronica riff in the aftermath of "Donut Run." I'm sure everyone is aware that by the time we cut together an episode, the next three episodes are already written and are prepping or shooting. I don't think I was quite prepared for how powerful that moment would be. It's the curse of working with really good actors. After we filmed the scene and cut it together, I realized that we'd kind of already blown the aftermath. I think we had a similar problem after Episode 20 ["Look Who's Stalking"] the final Logan-/Veronica scene begged some fallout in Episode 21 that we really didn't have in the script. We live. We learn. We try to do better.

Question: Have you considered giving Veronica some self-defense classes at some point, so she can at least defend herself a little bit?  Jessica
I don't want the show to be about Veronica kicking ass. Alias and Buffy were great at that sort of thing. Veronica outwits people. And occasionally Tasers them. That's how I like it.

Question: The rich kids are always referred to as "the 09ers." I watch and watch and still don't get why there are called this. Can you help?  Salie
The rich kids live in a zip code that ends with 09.

Question: Loved, loved, loved Dick's Texas T-shirt in "Look Who's Stalking"! Hook 'em Horns! Whose idea was it for him to wear the shirt?  Susan
Thomas: Sal
, our head of wardrobe, put Dick in the UT shirt. I think he knew it would make me happy.

Question: Do you or someone else on staff have a background in police or detective work to make this show some of the best television ever? I'm truly intrigued about the creative process behind the show.  Jill
No. In fact, quite the opposite. In television drama, writers are often thought of as either "character writers" or "procedural writers." Procedural writers tend to write for police shows, law shows, medical shows. Character writers tend to write things like Freaks and Geeks, The Sopranos, Northern Exposure. I haven't hired any procedural writers for the show; everyone comes from a "character" background. We do have a private-investigator adviser whom we call on pretty regularly.

Question: Just curious are any of those tattoos that Weevil [played by Francis Capra] sports real? Thanks.  Diane
All of them are real.

Question: First, I wanted to thank you for giving the fans such quality week after week. Now my question: Were the kids in the back of the van [in the "Plan B" episode] Weevil's niece and nephew?  Stacie
No. Those were just random kids waiting for their mom to come out of church.

Question: Is Mac going to be a regular for Season 3? Is she going to Hearst? Will she and Veronica be roommates there?  Lisa
We hope that Tina Majorino will be back with us next year. We're trying to negotiate a deal to bring her on as a series regular. We absolutely want her. As for the roommate/college situation, we're still figuring that out.

Question: It seems pretty obvious that Veronica will be at Hearst College next year and the serial rapist story line will also show up again. Can you give us some other clues about what to look forward to next season?  Jessica
The biggest news is that we will be going to a three-mystery-per-season format next year. This way, the mysteries will play uninterrupted by repeats or preemptions. We're hoping this will help us cast guest stars in smaller arcs, allow newbies to jump in easier, and lessen the too-much-going-on complaint we heard in Season 2.

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