Why didn't 'Ron press the Kendall issue? Why didn't 'Ron press the Kendall issue?

Last week's "Donut Run" episode of Veronica Mars (Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET, UPN) seemingly wrapped up Duncan's story line but only left fans hungry for more. How will Logan react to the disappearance of his best friend? What was up with those very familiar numbers on Veronica's fortune cookie? Mars creator Rob Thomas, who directed the episode, provides the answers to these and other burning questions from TVGuide.com readers, in this exclusive Q&A.

Question: In "Donut Run," Duncan fled the country with his baby, seemingly never to return. Was there any kind of closure on the Duncan-Logan friendship? Will we see any kind of reaction from Logan to his longtime best friend's departure, apparently without any kind of goodbye?  Holly
Rob Thomas:
Logan will bring up Duncan's disappearance with Veronica very soon, but each person Duncan would've told would've been one more accessory. He needed Veronica's help he didn't need Logan's. In fact, Veronica counted on Logan's inadvertent help in spreading the word of Duncan and Veronica's messy breakup. She needed it as a cover.

Question: Rob, the last episode was your directorial debut. How was it? Would you rather stay at the writing table or can the awesome fans of Veronica Mars expect you behind the camera again?  Krissy
I loved doing it, but I don't think I'll ever direct an episode mid-season again. It was just too difficult to try to juggle the new scripts coming in and the new cuts coming in while directing an episode. If I direct in Season 3, expect it to be one of the season's final episodes, after all of our scripts have been written.

Question: Do you regret putting Veronica and Logan together in Season 1? You described it as an experiment in their chemistry. So, how did they do?  Jennifer
I don't regret it at all. Their chemistry is through the roof. Now I know a lot of fans want to see them together. I'll admit I enjoy their chemistry just as much when they're together as when they're apart  I like them snarky. There were a couple of moments last year that felt even a bit too warm and fuzzy for a Veronica Mars episode to me, though I think I'm in the minority on that. Their relationship, like many that start in high school, will be a roller-coaster ride. There will be ups and downs.

Question: Love, love, love your show! Now that I've buttered you up, what's up with the numbers at the bottom of the fortune-cookie message that Duncan gave to Veronica? I was so excited to finally see the fortune, but I was distracted by the fact that the numbers were the same "bad" numbers used on your scheduling rival, Lost. I can't believe it's a coincidence. What gives?  Kara
Not a coincidence, just a fun shout-out. The Lost producers have been vocal in saying they're fans of the show. I've got two good friends who are writers on Lost, so this was a little tip of the cap back.

Question: Will Veronica ever learn the truth about Kendall and Duncan, or is the truth we know not the real truth?  Lauren
I tried to make it clear in "Donut Run" that Duncan never caved in to becoming Kendall's new sugar daddy. It was important to know that the offer was out there in order to make the fake breakup play. People were really upset that Veronica didn't press Duncan harder about Kendall at the time she heard Kendall was in his room. Veronica knew this: While ex-boyfriend Logan might be willing to sleep with a friend's married stepmom, Duncan isn't built that way.