Veronica MarsYou know what they say: Winter Carnival makes strange bedfellows. Logan begins to charm the sophomore dungarees off Hannah, who just so happens to be the daughter of Neptune's favorite plastic-surgeon-turned-bogus-"Logan-stabbed-Felix" tipster. That's

gonna make for an awkward prom-night pickup. Beaver Casablancas finally makes good on his flirtations with the always-adorable yet middle-class (gasp!) computer vixen Mac, despite the usual crass commentary from big brother Dick who, by the way, inadvertently shares some special front-seat lovin' with one very sassy transsexual escort before the night's through. And our dear Veronica makes time with at least three former notches in her arch-nemesis list; not only does she stick her neck out for a freshly outcast Jackie and cover for a guilty-as-charged Weevil, she's even got Principal Clemmons eating out of her hand like Watson eagerly awaiting Sherlock Holmes' next big reveal. Frankly, I'm so exhausted by all the fresh and exciting new pairings that I can't even be impressed by Ronnie's latest round of Jessica Fletcher-ing. Daddy Mars, on the other hand, is at least working a case in which I've got some vested interest; he's no more convinced than we are that Terrence Cook had anything to do with the bus crash. He is, however, at risk of losing faith in every last hero he's got left. First, Veronica plays him to help Duncan make off with the bambina, and now he finds out his personal baseball god threw a game to pay off a gambling debt. Seriously, nobody tell him that Backup secretly likes cats I don't think his poor heart can take it. Chana Shwadlenak

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