Question: Now that the Veronica Mars' finale has aired, can you tell us the answers to the asterisk quiz you posted in your blog?

Answer: I think you mean my underscore quiz, Alex (wink, wink). Here are the answers:

  • Weevil is arrested at graduation.
  • Mac tells Veronica that Beaver got them a room.
  • What transpires on the Neptune Grand rooftop.
  • Anything that would indicate that Beaver is our culprit.
  • That Veronica looks at the Little League picture and figures out who the missing person is.
  • Anything that reveals that Veronica and Logan are romantically linked at the end of the episode.
  • Keith captures Woody.
  • Vinnie Van Lowe is in jail.
  • Aaron and Kendall have sex.
  • Aaron is killed by Clarence Weidman.
  • Duncan has ordered the hit on Aaron Echolls.
  • Kendall's lawyer tells her she's rich.
  • Please do not reveal anything of Jackie in New York.
  • Keith fails to show up at the airport and leaves Veronica waiting.