Alexa Vega with David Cassidy in <I>Ruby & the Rockits</i> Alexa Vega with David Cassidy in Ruby & the Rockits

In ABC Family's Ruby & the Rockits (premiering Tuesday at 8:30/7:30 CT), former Spy Kid Alexa Vega plays a teen who introduces herself to David Gallagher, the father she never knew. But since Dad (played by Partridge Family front man David Cassidy) is busy living off the fumes of his once-ago success, Ruby's arrival strikes the wrong chord.

"David isn't capable of taking care of her, because he's constantly running around touring, playing in Indian casinos," Vega explains in this video Q&A. Luckily, David's brother, Patrick — played by, you guessed it, Patrick Cassidy — is there to step up where his sib falls short.

In this on-camera interview, Vega also talks of the other Cassidy involved with Ruby & the Rockits, and she reveals how the family of famous fellas have regaled her with scores of stories of their heyday.

In closing, Vega shares how she and her producer beau, Sean Colver, got Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt and her own boyfriend, Jamie Kennedy, to star in the indie film Café.

Alexa Vega jams with teen idol David Cassidy on RUBY & THE ROCKITS!

Alexa Vega talks about working with the Cassidy clan on the new ABC Family series, Ruby and the Rockits.|Ruby and the Rockits|Alexa Vega|Matt Mitovich|