Being President is isolating for Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), the demands causing her to lose touch with friends from before she became a big deal. In this deleted scene from episode 7 of Veep Season 4, she's invited her old law firm friends over to the White House for pizza and ice cream to reconnect.

Earlier in this episode, an intruder got into the White House, threatening to kill Tom James (Hugh Laurie) and "that b----h" (apparently he forgot Selina's name). As you can see, Selina's still a little upset about it — the slight, not the almost being murdered. But her friends only want to talk about stupid sexy Tom.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns to rule Saturday Night Live

Veep Season 4 is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Season 5 premieres Sunday, April 24 at 10:30/9:30c on HBO.