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How did the cast of The Vampire Diaries react when they read the Season 3 finale? Let's just say their thoughts included a few expletives and a lot of tears.

"That [car accident] scene killed me," Candice Accola told on the CW upfront red carpet. "I lost it when I read it and I lost it when I watched it."

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While the action-packed episode included a major death (RIP, Alaric), a gut-wrenching goodbye and, of course, the much-hyped choice between Stefan and Damon, the most shocking moment was the revelation that Elena (Nina Dobrev) will become a vampire. The actress says she's most excited to find out how her character will handle the life-changing struggle.

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"Is she going to become a Stefan vampire where she eats bunnies and squirrels? Or is she going to be a Damon vampire where her personality completely changes into a vicious killer?" And, Dobrev adds, she wants Elena to re-evaluate her choice to be with Stefan over Damon. "I want her to have to make a decision again! She has to test out the waters."

Watch the video below for more from the cast:

The cast of The Vampire Diaries reacts to the season finale

The cast of The Vampire Diaries reacts to the season finale |the Vampire Diaries||Nina Dobrev||Ian Somerhalder||Paul Wesley|