Caroline (Candice King) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) finally got back together in The Vampire Diaries' seventh season finale. But now that they have to rescue their friends from the influence of the new Big Bad, will the reunited couple actually have any time to enjoy their relationship?

According to the stars, absolutely!

"I definitely have to make out with Candice a bunch, so I guess the answer's yes," Wesley tells "They go through these trials and tribulations, but I think they make out a lot, so that's usually an indication of a good time."

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Steroline fans will be happy to see the couple enjoying a "blissful state" at the beginning of Season 8, but their relationship won't be withoutsome obstacles - specifically, figuring out how their blended family with Alaric (Matt Davis) and the twins will work.

And even though Caroline is all-in with Stefan this season, fans can expect her eyes to go slightly green with envy when Alaric hires a hot new nanny... as if their family dynamic wasn't complicated enough already!

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