The WB also unveiled its fall sked today, and the little Frog net is making big changes on every night of the week. For starters, Smallville and Everwood are being moved to Thursday night next (yeah, you read that correctly) and One Tree Hill is moving from its cushy Tuesday perch to Wednesdays at 8 pm. Luckily, Gilmore Girls will stay put on Tuesdays, where it'll be paired with X-Files-esque thriller Supernatural, starring Girls' guy Jared Padalecki and Smallville's Jensen Ackles. Other new shows include the Don Johnson drama Just Legal, Twins, a comedy about fraternal twins starring Sara Gilbert, and Related, a soap about four sisters that, which, judging by the clips I've seen, looks like a younger, lamer Sisters. And as previously reported, Jack & Bobby and Summerland have been axed. May Lori Loughlin's career rest in peace.