The Unit
So if last week had me leaning towards naming Mack the best character on the show, last night definitely sealed the deal. The guys quickly entering Jack Bauer territory: He had like six lines, tops; gave off that maybe-homicidal-maybe-not vibe; and while the rest of the team was in sunny L.A. cakewalking through a kidnapping, he was getting the bejesus beat out of him by some nut job named Mongoose. Max Martini could run away with the show if they let him  and, by the way, they should let him, because Im caring much more about the Mack-Tiffy-Colonel Tom story line than about the military stuff. Does that make me less of a man? Ten bucks says no, but I

am a sucker for fresh, original characters, and thats exactly what Max, Abby Brammell and Robert Patrick delivered last night. (Oh, and if Tiffy hasnt made your Characters I Love to Hate list yet, Ill give you your 10 bucks back.)

I was a little underwhelmed by the action half of the episode  actually, of all the episodes so far. Maybe Ive been spoiled by the violent goodness of 24, but the grab there is that you never know whos gonna die, or turncoat, or screw up; but the boys on The Unit seem to have it all together, and aside from a scratch here and a flesh wound there, always return home relatively unscathed. Kinda lets the air out of the balloon, tension-wise. Final thoughts: Jonas Get-Out-of-Hell-Free Card speech was pretty cool, as was the call to his boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; the Avon Lady-meets-mercenary was an interesting twist; and if anybody has any suggestions on how I can earn the kick-ass nickname Mongoose, Im all ears.