Undercover Boss Undercover Boss

CBS has renewed Undercover Boss for a second season, the network announced Tuesday.

The hit reality show follows chief executives at major companies, such as Hooters and 7-Eleven, as they work alongside unknowing lower-level employees. The show debuted to 38.7 million viewers after Super Bowl XLIV — the largest series premiere since 1987. Subsequent episodes have averaged 18.7 million viewers, often building on the lead-in audience of The Amazing Race 16.

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"We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to the series and how audiences seem to connect to it on several levels," Jennifer Bresnan, CBS' senior vice president of alternative programming, said in a statement. "The wish fulfillment of seeing the top boss perform jobs of the rank and file is universal, and the employees' stories discovered at each company are often relatable and inspirational."

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