Marty Raney Marty Raney

Just call Marty Captain Ahab.

National Geographic Channel's endurance competition Ultimate Survival Alaska returns for its second season on Sunday at 9/8c with four teams determined to prove their mettle in the harsh wilderness. Marty, on Team Mountaineers, has some pretty handy skills, especially when it comes to procuring sustenance. He's able to fashion a makeshift fishing rod and is successful enough to hook dinner.

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"This is freakin' Moby Dick!" he says while pulling in the 200-pound halibut. Check out the exclusive sneak peek below to see how things go South — fast!

Yes, we all knew where that was going when he pulled out the gun, right?Check out Marty and his competition on Ultimate Survival Alaska, airing Sundays at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel.