Christopher Gorham by Jeffrey Mayer/ Christopher Gorham by Jeffrey Mayer/
Christopher Gorham, who weeks ago declined to move to the island of Manhattan, is A-OK with calling

Harper's Island home. Per the

Reporter, Ugly Betty's Henry has been tapped to play another Henry - this time the groom-to-be, versus a prospective fiancé - on CBS' midseason drama about a group of friends who venture to an isle off of Seattle. Their purpose? A destination wedding. The actual events that unfold, though, are akin to a serialized horror thriller. I had the chance to screen an early "drama presentation" of Harper's Island, and dang if it didn't float my boat, so to speak. Gorham apparently replaces whoever that was playing the fiancé in the original pilot. The Gorham news is but the latest wrinkle in Betty's love life. Weeks ago, an ABC rep told me viewers "have not seen the last of Henry," though that may just mean he's in the season premiere to wrap up the marriage proposal story. Freddy Rodriguez right now is slated for just one more appearance as Gio. And as reported on Friday, Val Emmich is coming on board as Bet's new love interest. Busy gal! Hey, speaking of Ugly Betty, that Ana Ortiz is something else, eh? - Matt Mitovich Related: " Ugly Betty Steals Liz Lemon's Boy Toy