Warning, if you haven't seen tonight's Ugly Betty, stop reading! Now that the bandages have come off and Rebecca Romijn's

Ugly Betty character has been revealed to be Daniel's presumed-dead brother, Alex, post-sex-change, series creator Silvio Horta can finally reveal how the frak he came up with this loopy twist. "While we were shooting the pilot," he explains, "I got to the point where Wilhelmina screws Daniel over, and I felt at the end it just needed something else. Something bigger. So I wrote a scene between her and a mysterious woman." Like everything on Betty, the over-the-top (not to mention unprecedented) role reversal will be played for more than just laughs. "[We're] going to get into a little bit more of what Alex went through and the reality of her experience. It's sort of like the show itself - there's great comedy to be had, but there's also a real strong, emotional story there that I think will move people." This isn't the last surprise Horta has up his sleeve where Romijn is concerned, either: One of Alex's former flames will turn up later this season. "We thought it would be interesting if [we explored her] past relationships," he says. "What happens when they show up?" Lemme guess: Jerry Springer calls?!