<EM>Tommy Lee Goes to College</EM> Tommy Lee Goes to College

Ugh. I am so disgusted! Ivette said she wants to make the wise decision when choosing between offing James or Kaysar. I say, why start now? The "friendship" hasn't made a smart choice yet. And now that they've decided to nominate Kaysar, I'm feeling really unfriendly toward them. Kaysar gave (!!!) Jennifer the HOH competition, then she freaking turned on him!! If Eric, er Cappy, had come back into the house, and then Howie and Co. had voted him out right away they wouldn't be all like, "Oh, America, this is our game." I knew they should have given the returning guest a free immunity week. And even if it is the houseguests' game, I'm sure the fame hogs won't think it's all that funny if America tunes out and stops watching them. Anyway, after Jennifer's shady move, I had to agree with my dad who was already annoyed that House wasn't on who said that Maggie's calling Jennifer an "independent woman" was just a euphemism for a word that rhymes with witch. But I jumped up off the couch and clapped when Janelle just came right out and said that if she wins HOH next week, she's gonna tell the bitch to pack her bags. The only good thing in tonight's episode was the look on James' face when he wasn't put up on the nomination block. Priceless! Oh, and getting to see Howie in a Speedo. And I really can't wait to see the former stripper and house comedian loose his temper and go after Jennifer. Go ahead, Howie you can take her! At least I'd want to tune in for that.