Bono Bono

Where the streets have no name? More like where the album has no price! Apologies for that bad intro, but it comes with good news. Irish rockers U2 are giving their new album Songs of Innocence away for free. Yes, for free!

The surprise announcement was made at the press conference for Apple's new iPhone 6. U2 was in attendance and performed the album's first single, "The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)." Afterwards, the band made the joint announcement with Apple CEO Tim Cook that the entire album would be available on iTunes at no cost.

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Songs of Innocence, U2's 13th studio album and first in five years, will automatically appear in iTunes users' libraries with the option to stream the album or download it. With a subscriber base of more than 500 million customers, the release of Songs of Innocence on iTunes marks the largest album release of all time. The record will also be available on iTunes Radio and Beats Music. The giveaway of Songs of Innocence will be available exclusively on Apple platforms until Oct. 13, when physical copies of the album hit stores.

Watch U2's new Apple ad below: