We donut do not know much about the Twin Peaks revival, but Showtime has given us a little more to chew on.

The network released a new teaser Sunday of creator David Lynch contemplatively enjoying a glazed donut in character as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. Oh, and for a brief second, there's also someone (Dale Cooper?) out of frame sipping what's probably a damn fine cup of coffee. That's literally it. But what we can obviously glean from this is that there'll be even more donuts when the show returns.

Showtime bosses tease Twin Peaks revival, explains Penny Dreadful's end

There's still no premiere date for the reboot, which features 217 actors, but Showtime revealed in August that the series will return in the first half of 2017. Showtime will stream both seasons of the original series on Showtime Streaming Service, Showtime On Demand and Showtime Anytime beginning Dec. 26.

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