John Cusak in 2012 John Cusak in 2012's brand-new Movies On Demand section will allow users to easily find the latest on-demand movies in their area, as well as a comprehensive list of upcoming on-demand movie premieres. 

Check out Movies On Demand section

It's easy to  personalize the Movies On Demand guide based on location and television-service provider, allowing users to see what movies are currently available, start and end dates, ratings, and which titles will be available in the future.

Users can also access's entertainment content directly from the Movies On Demand section, including reviews, trailers, actor profiles, breaking news and feature stories, and online videos.

The guide was developed in conjunction with iN DEMAND, the nation's leading distributor of transactional movie content to cable.

Other recent launches include My DVR, a free service that allows users to select their favorite TV shows, organize them in one location, and watch them online at their convenience.