Trying to ID the actress who voiced the role of Tony's "wife" during his coma-induced hallucination on The Sopranos is so yesterday. The new mystery confounding fans concerns that mystical Ojibwe proverb that suddenly appeared on his hospital-room wall. Who put it there? "Stay tuned," teases executive producer Terence Winter, adding that the saying "will be referred to again."

The quote was hand-picked by series creator David Chase, who discovered it two years ago while reading Peter Matthiessen's award-winning spiritual journey The Snow Leopard. But it wasn't until months later when late Sopranos director John Patterson fell ill with cancer that it really started to resonate with Chase. "David was visiting John at his home and somebody had posted a little card on the wall that had this quote on it," Winter explains. "It was a pretty incredible coincidence and David just decided to incorporate it into the show."

So, um who was the woman on the other end of the phone in Tony's dream? "It wasn't Carmela, Gloria Trillo or any woman from Tony's life," he says. "We weren't trying to play any particular head game. It was just a woman and not [anyone] you'd recognize."