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Truth & Iliza First Look: Iliza Tackles Hollywood Racism Hilariously

"She's a fun ghetto"

Megan Vick

Iliza Shlesinger wants to stay woke in the second episode of Truth & Iliza and she's doing it by tackling racism in Hollywood.

To illustrate exactly why it is you see so many minority roles on TV and in movies falling into the same stereotypes, Iliza teamed up with comedian Phoebe Robinson to paint a pretty cringeworthy picture of how Hollywood casting works.

In the first look clip above, Iliza and Phoebe are at the mercy of a clueless casting director that gives them both insanely different directions to go with their character completely based on their race. Phoebe, being a black woman with braids, gets told to play "the fun ghetto" -- yes, that's the real description -- while Iliza gets stuck with the "dumb bimbo psychopath" breakdown. It only gets worse from there.

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It may seem over the top to some people, but Iliza and Phoebe's meeting with this casting director isn't too much of a stretch from what real aspiring actresses go through when trying to get work. They have to decide if they want to cave to the studio-mandated stereotype and get paid or keep their integrity and figure out another way to pay their rent that month.

In the end Iliza and Phoebe decide to blow off the audition to go get drinks -- and it turns out Iliza isn't too far off from her pitched stereotype -- taking one for the team instead of letting the Hollywood machine perpetuate the hate.

Iliza will go more in depth on the topic in her second episode of Truth & Iliza, exploring "How do you get woke?" on Tuesday, May 9 at 10/9c on Freeform.