<EM>Prison Break</EM> Prison Break

That was truly a shocking way to start the episode. I mean I knew that Lincoln wasn't really going to get electrocuted, but I thought maybe this was some kind of mean-spirited practice run. Also, tonight's episode was brought to you by the term "cute poison." Who knew that, in addition to all of Mr. Scofield's numerous other talents and traits, he had chemistry skills, too? Sexy and smart is almost as combustible a combination as whatever toxic chemicals he tossed down the vent in the doctor's office. Oh yeah, and Robin Tunney did some legal stuff, but I find her scenes so instantly forgettable. I'm sure that they are integral to the plot and all, but she's just so blah. Instead I latched on to new helpful information, like the fact that Scofield took his mother's maiden name because his father was gone before he was born. Very interesting. That's so much more intriguing than the theory that they are half brothers. And I am glad that Sucre is back with his cell mate. His bizarre love triangle is a bit of lightheartedness in this intense hour. And a nice break from the creepy Haywire, who got dangerously close to undermining Scofield's whole plan with his discovery of the maze. My big question is, if the tattoos are on his back, who is going to help him find his way out? Will Sucre have to follow behind him and say "Turn left at the big gothic-looking creature"?