It is truly a case of "Ask and you shall receive" on this show. I had been complaining that all we ever saw Dr. Dimples doing lately was hanging around Nina, and I wished that he'd get back to doing some medical stuff. Well lo and behold this week, he's doling out Botox like it's candy on Halloween and standing up to the always pushy Edna. Making her realize that she doesn't know everything and may not always be right was pretty impressive for the pretty boy. Also impressive, Bright's last minute decision not to dump Hannah. I know that he was hoping to be hookin' up with her, especially after his comment about her when she was stuck in the sleeping bag, "You look like a mermaid. I freakin' love mermaids." Yeah, there was some sexual connotation there, I could just feel it. But even though she's "not going to have premarital sex until she's married"  a nice redundant statement by Everwood's most astute resident  he saw the potential in the bookish gal. Don't know how long it will last, but I love Bright and I didn't want him to be such a jerk. He did deal quite well with the revelation that Reid wasn't gay, he just didn't understand why he worked out so much. Meanwhile Nina got in the zinger of the night when she and Andy got a chance to banter alone about her bet with Delia. "I've already introduced her to porn and vibrators. Gambling is the least of your worries." Recalling past episodes and having Andy and Nina talk like they used to? That's good times.