Trista Sutter Trista Sutter

Two children are enough for Trista Sutter.

The former Bachelorette, who gave birth to Blakesely Grace on April 3, has signed up for a permanent birth control procedure. Sutter, who is also mom to 20-month-old Max, said she and her husband, Ryan, are pleased with the size of their family unit.

"Now that we have the two healthy children we always dreamed of, Ryan and I have decided that our family is the perfect size, and we want to devote our time and energy to them," she said.

She's opted for a procedure called Essure, which she plans to undergo in June. The procedure can be quickly performed in a doctor's office without general anesthesia.

Sutter suffered gestational diabetes and preeclampsia after Max's birth. Blakesly was delivered via C-section.