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5 Things We Learned From Trevor Noah's Hilariously Successful Daily Show Debut

No. 2 He's the black stepdad we never knew we needed.

Shelli Weinstein

If watching The Daily Showwithout Jon Stewart was weird for you, don't worry, it was weird for Trevor Noah, too. The new host took his seat behind the desk with a new font and new graphics, and right off the bat admitted, "this is surreal for me. Growing up in the dusty streets of South Africa I never dreamed that I'd have - well, two things really: an indoor toilet and a job as the host of The Daily Show...and now I have both, and I'm quite comfortable with one of them." (You decide which of the two he means.)

Jokes aside - and jokes considered - Noah's first show was largely a success, much like when Jon Stewart took a brief sojourn away from the show and John Oliver filled in. It's the same show, but with a slightly different voice fighting the war on bullsh--.

5 things we learned from Trevor Noah's Daily Show debut:

1. He rightfully shows his gratitude. "Jon Stewart was more than just a late night host. He was often our voice, our refuge and in many ways, our political dad," Noah said of his predecessor. "And it's weird, because dad has left. And now it feels like the family has a new stepdad...and he's black, which is not ideal."

He later joked that he doesn't know why the Mets making the playoffs is a big deal, "but Jon told me it would work [to get applause]."

2. He's the black stepdad we never knew we needed. Trevor Noah is not Jon Stewart, and that much was definitely clear from his first outing. While Stewart often played a sarcastic, over-the-top anger to tell his stories, Noah is a bit sillier. He kicked off the evening by skewering the media coverage of Pope Francis' U.S. visit (Pope-mojis (Pope-themed emojis): "For when you want to inject just the right amount of confusion into your late-night sexting."), and lamented John Boehner stepping down from his seat as Speaker of the House of Representatives. "Why leave now? I just got here. I got a fancy suit and a new set and I learned to pronounce your name," he mock-whined to Boehner.

3. Not everything is changing. Sure, there's a new set and new graphics and even a new font, but Noah's not out to fix a machine that wasn't broken. The show still concluded with a Moment of Zen - tonight, Nancy Pelosi's stuttering over whether or not she'll miss Boehner - and a new faux correspondent was introduced: Senior Mars Correspondent, Roy Wood, Jr.

The latest addition to the Daily Show team discussed water on Mars and future colonization on the red planet. "No, no, no. Leave Mars alone! The universe is like an apartment complex and NASA's just going around knocking on random doors because what? The faucet works, so we're allowed to live there?"

Wood also continued the tradition of former Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore (who departed for The Nightly Show) with racial humor, joking that the only black people who'd be allowed on Mars would be, "Beyonce, Oprah and Michael Strahan," because "white people like anything Kelly Ripa likes."

Daily Show promo reveals the changes coming with Trevor Noah

4. He needs to brush up on his interviewing skills. Kevin Hart visited the show as Noah's first guest, a safe, easygoing choice for his opening night. Not only did Hart come bearing gifts (a box of ties for the new host), but he carried the conversation well enough without Noah having to ask hard questions or dig too deep. Though, as someone with no prior knowledge, it would've been nice to know why Noah asked the comedian about a running initiative to encourage health and fitness. Then again, Hart (especially in those pants!) is a force of nature that may best be allowed to run its course with little interference.

5. Jordan Klepper deserves an honorable mention. Klepper helped Noah out with the most meta joke of the evening, which was a long-winded metaphor comparing Noah taking over The Daily Show to a new Speaker of the House. "Maybe the new guy will surprise us and just crush it. I bet he'll bring a new ...global perspective to things," he said, gradually getting more and more panicked as he mocked Noah's previous interviews in preparing for the show. . "I don't know what the f--- it means! The desk is different, there's a new font...nobody asked me! I only hope the new Speaker of the House knows certain people are depending on him."

"You are really intensely passionate about politics, I get it," Noah answered.

"Dammit, he's a f---ing idiot," Klepper lamented.

With such a light new show it remains to be seen how Noah will handle more hard-hitting, political interviews, including Chris Christie later this week, let alone the upcoming election. But one thing's for sure, we definitely don't believe he's "a f---ing idiot," and we're willing to stick around and watch him work.

What did you think of Trevor Noah's Daily Show debut? Hit the comments.