Question: I know One Tree Hill isn't back on the air yet, but you've got to know something, right? I mean, don't you know everything?

Answer: Flattery will get you everywhere yes, even when it concerns OTH. (My shrink says I'm mellowing with age; I say the strike has made me desperate for scoop. We agreed to disagree.) Regarding the new season, exec producer Mark Schwahn recently told TV Guide's resident OTH junkie Damian Holbrook that we wont see Rachel early on in Season 5 and that the show "hasnt lost anyone entirely" although he did consider having Whitey die during the four years that are skipped. Ultimately, he just couldn't go there. Schwahn also revealed that "we're not going to see as much of the parents... but the specter of them will always be there." And Kevin Federline won over the cast with his work ethic during his three-episode arc. At one point, Fed-Ex was even spotted running lines with Bethany Joy Galeotti! And no, "running" is not a typo. I double-checked.

OK, that's a wrap. See ya back here next week! Additional reporting by Bekah Wright